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Things at Blackhawks games that most people don’t notice, but annoy the hell out of me!

So the Blackhawks won their first playoff game in overtime on Tuesday night, and I would love to write about it! But honestly how many blogs out there are doing that exact same thing right now??? Da Sports Guys is better than that, we want to open Chicago fans eyes to the things at Blackhawks games that annoy me, but go unnoticed by most people.

1.) Fans that sit behind the “Comcast Sports Desk”


Let me map this one out for ya! EVERYONE that stands behind this desk at any point during the game is a complete moron! Now I don’t know if people just want their 15 seconds of fame or just want to wave to their dopey friends at home, but these people rip each other apart just to be seen in their spiffy jerseys’. You get 5 kinds of morons that stand behind the desk: 1.) The Drunk Asshole 2.) The Asshole with an unfunny sign 3.) The old people who have never seen TV camera before 4.) The sexy chick 5.)Kids. A part of me wants that desk in a studio so damn bad, we know you’re at a Blackhawks game, you probably let everyone know about 100 times via social media before hand.

2.) B-List Celebrities

Jim Belushi, Danica Patrick, Vince Vaughn and whoever he brings to the game. They all have something in common, and no it’s not that the idiots that sit behind the Comcast sports desk are more famous than them. I want them all to stay away from the United Center. Tonight Danica Patrick graced us with her presence (cool guest if its 2006) provided little substance when interviewed then looked about as awkward as her driving when she had to “shoot the puck” after the 2nd intermission, yeah I thought she was a fox at one point, but that was in high school. I also thought Axe body spray, puka shells and T.I. were cool, but now all those things are for fucking losers just like Mrs. Patrick. Tell the Blackhawks PR squad that they can keep the “shoot the puck” contest and their b-listers.

3.) The Papa Johns Countdown Clock


Basically no one eats Papa Johns, it’s gross and no one is going to be screaming “Jesus we only have 8 minutes to order Pizza that taste like ketchup on a folder!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. With 8 minutes until the game I can go toast a waffle, at least that way I’d save money and it would taste more like a pizza.

It feels great to clear the air and get the little annoying things off my chest. Now that all the ranting is over with here is the second best thing to happen at the Blackhawks game! Susannah Collins telling it like it is:

How I would love to have success with her. Hawks WIN!


Noah Makes Sure You Know He Has Patrick Kane’s Back!

Hahaha freaking Jo! Just just basically putting PK haters on blast. I would love to see these two party together.  But for the record Kane wasn’t in the club, he was passed out in a back yard. “Patrick Kane… Patrick Kane… And Patrick Kane!!”

BTW: Noah’s Coconut Water is absolutely delicious! Seriously cures Patrick Kane size hangovers.

Seriously, Can The Queen Care About Anything Less Than The Olympics?

Honestly, common lady, you own the UK, and you didn’t even have to invent the internet or start the Beetles to earn that right! At least pretend to act like you care about the biggest thing to happen in your country since the NFL started playing games there.  God this chick is just insufferable, her and Jay should go bowling.

Patrick Kane Is So Cool That He Is ‘embarrassed’ By His Coolness.

SunTimes – Patrick Kane said Friday he was embarrassed by the photos that emerged after a party-filled weekend less than two weeks after the Blackhawks were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

 The pictures—which appeared to show an intoxicated Kane in Madison, Wis., including one in which it appeared he was passed out at a bar—were published in an article on and the Hawks star winger has kept out of the media since the story broke.

 “It was embarrassing,” Kane said before participating in the opening ceremonies of the Blackhawks’ annual convention. “That’s the first thing I can say. From all the pictures that came out, everything, from the Hawks organization, to my family, to myself personally, it’s embarrassing. I try to pride myself on being involved with the fans and taking pictures when they’re asked for because I know I was a little kid one day that really looked up to stars like myself and try to give them that on behalf. But like I said, hopefully it’s something I can learn and mature from. It’s still part of my maturation process and something I’m still trying to get better at and the biggest thing, it was embarrassing.”

Here’s the deal: 1. This was the Summer of Gronk and Patrick Kane! 2. The time has come for Patrick to make things right with the Blackhawks. Because When Patrick says “ I try to pride myself on being involved with the fans and taking pictures when they’re asked for.” It means Patrick is going up to Mad-town, why? Because when Patrick isn’t scoring goals, Patrick is filling holes! (T-Shirts On Sale)



This is just good ole Kaner. Summer comes = Patrick has his annual “drinking problem”. Summer ends + PK is all business. And If you cant handle that maybe you should just grow up.

Embarrassed still?


(CBS) Patrick Kane spoke to the media Friday for the first time since his early-May drinking escapade in Madison, Wis. and denied having a drinking problem.

 Asked point-blank at the Blackhawks Convention if he had a drinking problem, Kane said: “I don’t think so.”

The winger was the center of attention shortly after the Blackhawks season ended when

SEE! Point blank… Do you have a problem PK? Pfffttttt No way.

“NBA Will Place Advertising on Jerseys in 2013” Probably The Most Type David Stern Move Ever.

ESPN – The NBA is prepared to begin selling advertising space on jerseys. It’s over. American professional sports are officially corrupted by corporate interests.

If things go according to plan, the NBA’s adidas jerseys will have advertising on them for the 2013-14 season. This disappointing news puts a damper on the amazing NBA season that ended just more than a month ago at AmericanAirlines Arena, with the Heat capping their championship by dousing Erik Spoelstra with Gatorade.

This is such a David Stern move. Like I can just see him sitting in his big leather office chair, petting his cat and slowly plotting how to line his pockets while compromising the leagues integrity at the same time. How far are they going to take it? I want them to get crazy with it! Ads on center court, on the ball, backboard, league-wide mandated tattoos! Even the Nike logo shaved into Anthony Davis’s uni-brow! Completely reminiscent of Ricky Bobby’s windshield.

As A Sox Fan This Is A Pretty Flamming PR Move.

House Music night? Something tells me this isn’t the brain child of that old fart Reinsdorf , guy probably jams out to Cab Calloway on his record player. Seriously? Have you seen the crowd at a Sox game? Almost a quarter of the crowd is old Polish, Italian and Irish guys who literally wear black stockings. The rest of the make up  is families or 40 somethings who scored free Sox tickets. I understand the Sox trying to be hip but this is kinda weird and gay. I’ll be waiting for Magic Mike to throw out the first pitch.

Here’s an idea Sox maybe cut back on the “Nights” it seems like the Sox have a “Night” every night. “Bring your 2nd cousin to the Park Night!” “African American Jewish Albino Heritage Night!” “Bring pictures of your colonoscopy to the Park Night!”. How about you just stick to Dollar Dog and and Winning nights. At least for now. Thanks.

Rose Thanks You.

Derrick is so adorable. It looks like the whole time his brother was just holding the camera, just telling Derrick “Listen D just say a few words to your fans, try not to look at me and then we can go home and you can play NCAA 13.”