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Things at Blackhawks games that most people don’t notice, but annoy the hell out of me!

So the Blackhawks won their first playoff game in overtime on Tuesday night, and I would love to write about it! But honestly how many blogs out there are doing that exact same thing right now??? Da Sports Guys is better than that, we want to open Chicago fans eyes to the things at Blackhawks games that annoy me, but go unnoticed by most people.

1.) Fans that sit behind the “Comcast Sports Desk”


Let me map this one out for ya! EVERYONE that stands behind this desk at any point during the game is a complete moron! Now I don’t know if people just want their 15 seconds of fame or just want to wave to their dopey friends at home, but these people rip each other apart just to be seen in their spiffy jerseys’. You get 5 kinds of morons that stand behind the desk: 1.) The Drunk Asshole 2.) The Asshole with an unfunny sign 3.) The old people who have never seen TV camera before 4.) The sexy chick 5.)Kids. A part of me wants that desk in a studio so damn bad, we know you’re at a Blackhawks game, you probably let everyone know about 100 times via social media before hand.

2.) B-List Celebrities

Jim Belushi, Danica Patrick, Vince Vaughn and whoever he brings to the game. They all have something in common, and no it’s not that the idiots that sit behind the Comcast sports desk are more famous than them. I want them all to stay away from the United Center. Tonight Danica Patrick graced us with her presence (cool guest if its 2006) provided little substance when interviewed then looked about as awkward as her driving when she had to “shoot the puck” after the 2nd intermission, yeah I thought she was a fox at one point, but that was in high school. I also thought Axe body spray, puka shells and T.I. were cool, but now all those things are for fucking losers just like Mrs. Patrick. Tell the Blackhawks PR squad that they can keep the “shoot the puck” contest and their b-listers.

3.) The Papa Johns Countdown Clock


Basically no one eats Papa Johns, it’s gross and no one is going to be screaming “Jesus we only have 8 minutes to order Pizza that taste like ketchup on a folder!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. With 8 minutes until the game I can go toast a waffle, at least that way I’d save money and it would taste more like a pizza.

It feels great to clear the air and get the little annoying things off my chest. Now that all the ranting is over with here is the second best thing to happen at the Blackhawks game! Susannah Collins telling it like it is:

How I would love to have success with her. Hawks WIN!


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