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Remembering Those Effected By The Colorado Shootings.

It is with deep sadness that our stupid little site writes about the national tragedy that took place in the early hours of  July 20th, 2012. I want to make it my goal today to not shed light and or attention on the inhuman, piece of trash that is the gunman. Rather I would like to give the attention to the ones who need it the most, those effected by a man who just wanted to watch the world burn. Today My heart is with the victims. My mind is often overcome with the thought of when will humans evolve? When will the bloodshed in our very own Chicago streets stop? How many times must history repeat itself before society learns? Stricter gun laws? Why?

At this point I may be rambling, but as we all move forward into the weekend we all must remember to be kind to our neighbor, enjoy the little moments in this crazy life, because tomorrow you may never have a crazy little moment in this life. In closing as I head to the movie theaters this weekend to watch Batman myself, I know that keeping my focus on the movie and not on those who suffered will be an extremely difficult task.


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