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“NBA Will Place Advertising on Jerseys in 2013” Probably The Most Type David Stern Move Ever.

ESPN – The NBA is prepared to begin selling advertising space on jerseys. It’s over. American professional sports are officially corrupted by corporate interests.

If things go according to plan, the NBA’s adidas jerseys will have advertising on them for the 2013-14 season. This disappointing news puts a damper on the amazing NBA season that ended just more than a month ago at AmericanAirlines Arena, with the Heat capping their championship by dousing Erik Spoelstra with Gatorade.

This is such a David Stern move. Like I can just see him sitting in his big leather office chair, petting his cat and slowly plotting how to line his pockets while compromising the leagues integrity at the same time. How far are they going to take it? I want them to get crazy with it! Ads on center court, on the ball, backboard, league-wide mandated tattoos! Even the Nike logo shaved into Anthony Davis’s uni-brow! Completely reminiscent of Ricky Bobby’s windshield.


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