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As A Sox Fan This Is A Pretty Flamming PR Move.

House Music night? Something tells me this isn’t the brain child of that old fart Reinsdorf , guy probably jams out to Cab Calloway on his record player. Seriously? Have you seen the crowd at a Sox game? Almost a quarter of the crowd is old Polish, Italian and Irish guys who literally wear black stockings. The rest of the make up  is families or 40 somethings who scored free Sox tickets. I understand the Sox trying to be hip but this is kinda weird and gay. I’ll be waiting for Magic Mike to throw out the first pitch.

Here’s an idea Sox maybe cut back on the “Nights” it seems like the Sox have a “Night” every night. “Bring your 2nd cousin to the Park Night!” “African American Jewish Albino Heritage Night!” “Bring pictures of your colonoscopy to the Park Night!”. How about you just stick to Dollar Dog and and Winning nights. At least for now. Thanks.


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