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The Bulls Are Trolling Us All! Radmanovic a Bull.

Yahoo- The Chicago Bulls have pulled their second free agent coup – yes, that’s right, coup – of the season by coming to terms with Vladimir Radmanovic, who will sign with the team sometime today.

A 12-year veteran, the 6-foot-10 forward played in 49 games for Atlanta last year, averaging 4.5 points and 2.9 rebounds a game. He’s exactly what the Bulls are looking for this offseason: A warm body – although that doesn’t seem to be an absolute requirement – who’ll sign a one-year deal for the league minimum, resume not required.

Yup, sure sounds like a basketball decision to me, right Gar? A lousy one.

The Bulls now have nine players under contract for the upcoming season: Derrick Rose (who’ll be out most of the season), Kirk Hinrich (who’s missed time the past two seasons with injuries), Luol Deng (who might miss part of the season), Rip Hamilton (who, based on last year’s showing, will miss most of the season), Carlos Boozer (a walking injury waiting to happen), Joakim Noah (an ankle turn away from missing significant time), Jimmy Butler, Marquis Teague and now Radmanovic (who missed time last season with back issues).

Nine players, seven of whom are either currently injured or are an injury risk. And we still have 3-4 more Radmanovic-type signings (i.e., league minimum) who’ll be expected to take up the slack left by the departure of The Bench Mob. They’ll be hacks, like Hinrich and Radmanovic, but let’s at least hope they’re healthy hacks.

Kirk Hinrich and Vladimir Radmanovic – it’s all very disappointing.

The Bears better freaking turn it up this year… I wish I had more to say but if this organization is gunna phone it in until Rose gets back, fans should do the same. Insulting.


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