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Bears Ink Forte. RIP contract drama.

(Comcast Sportsnet Chicago) – “The Bears locked up their most productive asset and Matt Forte gained long-term security when the two sides agreed on a four-year deal just hours before the 3 p.m. deadline.

Now it’s official, Forte is the “franchise” running back in Chicago for years to come. The Bears traded for Brandon Marshall and drafted Alshon Jeffery to vault the passing offense several levels up and they signed running back Michael Bush, a starter last year for Oakland when starter Darren McFadden went down with injuries.”

So it turns out to be a pretty good day financially, not just for the all-pro running back but for yours-truly as well. That’s right I don’t have to buy a new Bears jersey for at least another 4 years!!! We are talking about 94 dollars that I wont have to shell out at Champs. I’m honestly just getting over the death of my Muhsin Muhammad jersey, just 5 short years ago (sky-point to #87). I don’t know if I would have been able to handle hanging up another one.

With that said here’s the deal… Forte agreed to a 4 year/$32 million dollar deal. Now even though I personally would have liked a franchise tag in the end, this is a happy medium. The team doesn’t have to dish out painful LeSean McCoy type money ($45 million with $20.765 million guaranteed) and in 4 years the Bears will have sucked all the youth and talent out of Matt (hopefully giving the bears a return on their investment.)

Lets all hold hands, be merry and view this as another brick in the road towards the Lombardi Trophy.


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