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I just really like L.A. this year.


How weird is this I mean we don’t blog forever and the first time back its an LA story. I just love this team right now, if you are a Chicago fan how can you not be on the Kings dick right now? They just sent Vagecouver, STL Blows and the Cryotes golfing, they have a former hawks coach/player in Darryl Sutter. Not to mention they sent Dwight Schrute Kings tix in Jello:

Last year it was Boston this year I’ve fallen for Kings.

P.S. To all 100 Phoenix fans who packed The Arena. Throwing  a fit and your trash on the ice isn’t a good look bro. You have literally no respect from the rest of the NHL, you are bankrupt, your players get this sites “Frozen Douchebags of the Year” and you wont even have a team in about 2 or 3 years tops. Try and save what little dignity you have.



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