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There’s No Way Prince Fielder Hit a Home Run 611 feet….

(Yahoo Sports) –   “Detroit Tigers slugger Prince Fielder, during a round of batting practice Wednesday, reportedly hit a ball 611 feet — a distance measured by longtime Detroit News scribe Tom Gage.Yes, 611. Starts with a “six.” Hey, 611 — isn’t that the number you call when your telephone is broken? Talk about dialing long distance. That’s Cecil Fielder-sized. And that ball must be misshapen something awful.  Here’s Gage’s account of how he measured:

The ball cleared the fence, and sailed over the pines beyond, on the center side of right-center at the Tigertown complex — closer to the 420 sign than to 340 down the line.

So I assigned it a home-to-fence distance of 385 feet.

But with the help of Lakeland colleague Dick Scanlon, who held the other end of the tape, we walked off 226 feet from the fence to the spot where I was told — by the home-run retriever who picked up the ball — it came to rest.”

“Came to rest”.   How about where it lands?  I could claim I can hit a ball in Colorado down a hill that came to rest  at 430 feet.  Guys on steroids can’t even hit it 600 feet.  Like Ryan Braun…


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