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Middle School Girl Basketball Payer Gets Benched For Saying I Love You? What?

(Yahoo) – A unique language controversy has led to a wide-ranging apology from the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay after a middle school girls basketball player at Shawano (Wis.) Sacred Heart School was reprimanded in class and kept out of one of her team’s games because she told her friends “I love you,” in the tongue of her family’s Native American tribe.  As reported by the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Associated Press and Green Bay NBC affiliate WGBA, among other sources, Sacred Heart seventh-grader Miranda Washinawatok was disciplined in class in front of her peers and then held out of a January basketball game because she had the temerity to tell two of her classmates “I love you” in the language native to the Menominee tribe, of which the Washinawatoks are a part.  “She sort of threw her hands down on her desk and said don’t be talking like that,” Washinawatok told WGBA of her teacher’s reaction to the Menominee language. “How would you like it if I started talking Polish?”

Freedom of Speech.  This might be the first time in the history of Catholic School were saying I love you in any language has gotten anyone in trouble.  Pathetic.


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