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Coach Gets Ejected and His Soccer Team Has To Give Up Win


The Los Angeles Foshay boys soccer team — BeRecruited

(Yahoo) – “As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles (Calif.) Foshay Learning Center was eliminated from the California Interscholastic Federation City Section Small School boys soccer playoffs after the team’s head coach was ejected from his team’s quarterfinal matchup against Los Angeles (Calif.) Annenberg High. The coaches ejected received not one,, but two yellow cards for his actions on the sideline.As in all soccer matches, the coach’s two yellow cards meant that he received a red card, and was ejected. By City Section rules, that the ejection of a head coach means the game is over, with Annenberg the winner by default.”

I’d be pissed if I were these guys.  Isn’t the coach suppose to discipline you?   Then why is he getting his ass kicked out of games?   The coach for once we can say honestly cost his team a victory. Congrats.


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