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18 year Old California Chick Moves in With 41 Year Old Teacher

California Teen Moves in With Teacher

(Yahoo) – “Amid a storm of controversy and police investigation, a California teacher who left his family and job to be with a teenage former student said he followed his heart and that the couple waited until he resigned before they “took it to the next level.”  “I know my family is probably disappointed in me,” James Hooker, 41, said. “They’re probably confused in what we’re doing. I’m not sure how to explain it to them. … I am just following my heart and this is the direction I’m going in.” At issue, however, is when the relationship between Hooker and 18-year-old girlfriend Jordan Powers truly began, and whether Hooker broke any laws.”

This story represents everything that is wrong with America.  An 18 year old hooking up with a 41 year old?  Seriously?  That’s freaking creepy.  And this happened before she was 18… Late night four hour phone calls and 8,000 text messages say it all.  If I was the mother of this girl I would seriously lose it.  No way I would let her see s0me 41 year old creeper who left his wife and kids.  I mean for God sakes the guy’s last name is Hooker!


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