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Ask Sean Anything 2/24/12


I apologize for not blogging as much this week as work and school this week were a bit crazy.  I hope to be back blogging more regularly as things have settled down.  Anyways there is no way I could not have time for my signature post, so let’s get crackin.

If you could be any teletubbie which one would you be?

Well since Tinkie Winkie and Poh are the only guys, I’ll say Poh because the youngest gets away with everything and I couldn’t stand the gay jokes because I carry around a purpose like Tinkie Winkie.

What animal would you be if you came back in a second life?

A Golden Retriever who could play basketball.

What is your favorite candy from your grade school’s (St Thomas) concession stand?

Ice Cream or Cake?


What is your dream vacation and with who?

I already had my dream vacation with my Dad, my brother and my Dad’s friend when I was in high school.  We went on a baseball trip, visiting stadiums all along the east coast, including Jacobs Field, (or watever they call it now) PNC Park, RFK Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, and Citizens Bank Ballpark.  We also went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and visited the monuments in Washington D.C. on this trip.  That will be a tough one to beat.

What do you think of Ryan Braun winning his appeal? Do you believe he’s clean?

I think its bullshit, honestly.  You have to know what your putting in your body.  And if you don’t, ask and they will test it.  Why did everyone else have to serve a suspension after they failed a drug test and he doesn’t?  And is he clean? Well let’s just see what kind of season he has.

What is your favorite show on ESPN that’s not SportsCenter?

First Take.  This is a show that is not scripted and I love sports debates.  While Skip Bayless may be an idiot, he brings me in with his incredible passion and long time coverage of sports.  I can’t get enough of Steven A either.

Now that pitchers and catchers are in camp, what are the 5 MLB story lines you will be watching in 2012?

Great question.  I’ll stick to the NL because that seems to be where most of the story lines are.

1.  Just how good will the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals be after the departure of franchise icon Albert Pujols?

2.  Will the Chicago Cubs show significant improvement after hiring Theo Epstein away from the Boston Red Sox?

3.  Will the new Miami Marlins survive longer than 10 games with both Ozzie Guillen and Carlos Zambrano in the same clubhouse?

4.  After testing positive for high levels of testosterone in the offseason, how will MVP Ryan Braun respond this season?

5.  Will the Houston Astros lose 100 games?


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