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Swim Team Doesn’t Win County Title Because A Chick On The Team Shaved Too Late

Broadneck swimmer Lauren Fogarty swims at Anne Arundel County Championships — Annapolis Capital

(Yahoo Sports) –   “A Maryland girls swimming team has had its county championship title retroactively stripped for one of the more bizarre retroactive punishments to come down in recent years: It was deemed that improper shaving had occurred.That’s right, improper shaving. Not shaving points mind you, but shaving of body hair. And, as it turns out, if the unnamed player implicated had only shaved a couple hours earlier, she and her teammates would still have their county title.  As reported by a number of Maryland news outlets, the Baltimore Sun and Annapolis Capital among them, the Broadneck (Md.) High girls swimming squad lost its Anne Arundel County title after it was determined that one of the teams’ swimmers shaved on site just before the start of the event.”

This is pretty ridiculous.  A couple hours before and they would still have their title?  Go get the athletes who dope.


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