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Randy Moss Is Wanted In Chicago…. For The Chicago Slaughter Of The IFL

(ESPN Chicago) – “The splash Terrell Owens made when he signed with the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League was not lost on the IFL’s Chicago Slaughter, who have extended an offer to Randy Moss.  The 35-year-old Moss announced on Monday that he wants to return to football after retiring on Aug. 1, but the football he wants to play is in the NFL. That didn’t stop Slaughter general manager and president Jeff Sedivy from announcing on the team website that he’s extending an offer to the former All-Pro receiver.  “Seeing the splash that T.O. made going to the Allen, Texas, team, it would be a coup for us to get Randy,” Slaughter coach and former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael said by phone Thursday.”

I love this idea.  Randy Moss playing his home games a half hour from my house?  I’m totally there.  The dude would totally dominate on a 50 yard field.  Probably score like 8 touchdowns a game.   He’d be the biggest name in Indoor football since the legendary Bobby Sippio of the Chicago Rush.


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