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“I dont Loyd the French are ass holes.” (Habs are classy)

Larry Brown Sports – “That was embarrassing,” Brad Marchand according to “The fact that they were cheering like they did when Zee was hurt was classless. We’re out there trying to do a job. It’s entertainment for them, but at the same time you have to be concerned that it’s people’s lives at stake. Concussions and stuff like that are a very serious thing, and you don’t have to disrespect guys when they’re trying to make a living for their family and they’re hurt like that.”

I have sworn by this for years if you are going to put Philly and Vagcouver fans up on a cross Montreal should be right up there with them. Pretentious, spoiled, classless… Montreal. “Ohh we only want a french speaking coach.” “Oh we have think Americans are fat and make inferior hockey players” “Oh we are dickheads”. I don’t like them…



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