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Don’t Expect To See Bruce Weber Coaching The Fighting Illini Next Season

The Bruce Weber era at Illinois appears to be all but over after last night’s loss to Purdue.  Weber was as frustrated as ever in his post game news conference. “The sad thing about the whole thing I guess is it’s my fault,” Weber said Wednesday. “Instead of creating toughness and developing a team, I coached not to lose all year. It’s sad to be honest, but it is what is.”  That to me sounds like a man who knows the end is near.  This season has been a tough one for the Illini.  Inconsistent play has plagued them all year long.  Aside from this season, lets briefly look at Bruce Weber’s career at the U of I.  Yes, he did take them to the NCAA Championship in 2005, but those were with Bill Self’s players.  His recruiting?  Not good.  Names like Derrick Rose, John Scheyer, and Eric Gordon all passed on Illinois to star elsewhere.  Weber’s “prized” recruit, former Waukegan High School star Jereme Richmond, was an absolute disaster, as he did nothing but fight with teammates and underperform during his brief Illini career.  Weber has brought in some decent talent over the years but none of them have ever developed to their full potential.  Good coaches will get every ounce they can out of a guy.  Weber is clearly lost and frustrated and Illini nation is sick and tired of this inconsistency. It’s time for Illinois and Bruce Weber to part ways.


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