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World Series here we come!

The Trib – “The White Sox added a surprise left-handed bat to their outfield mix Tuesday — former Cub Kosuke Fukudome— and he comes at a low-risk cost.

His contract calls for only $1 million guaranteed, half of that coming this season. If he proves himself more helpful on the South Side than North, he could make $3.5 million for 2013.

That is quite a difference from 2007, when he signed with the Cubs — over the White Sox — as a free agent from Japan for $48 million over four years.”

Oh great I always wanted a Fuk of my very own! I mean its not as bad as say signing Manny Ramirez or Milton Bradly, Its actually for this kind of a no risk, all reward kind of situation. We signed him for chimp change. The guy comes on the squad with the best on base out of anyone on the team, how freaking sad. World Series here we come.


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