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Mizzou’s replacement gets busted for dealing drugs.

USA Today- “Four TCU football players are among 17 students at the school who were arrested in a campus drug bust. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported the four players are defensive lineman D.J. Yendry, linebacker Tanner Brock, offensive tackle Tyler Horn and defensive back Devin Johnson. Their names have been removed from the roster on the school’s website.

Three of the players were projected defensive starters for the 2012 season, the school’s first in the Big 12.

Johnson and Yendry had 47 and 39 tackles, respectively, last season for the Horned Frogs.

Brock was an All-Mountain West performer as a sophomore in 2010 after leading the team with 106 tackles. He missed all but one game last year due to a foot injury.”

Talk about making a splash ay? According the TCU Police Chief Steven McGee. “These students engaged in hand-to-hand delivery with undercover officers.” The students communicated via social media, McGee said. The drugs involved included marijuana, cocaine, “molly” — a powdered form of ecstacy, ecstacy pills, and prescription drugs like Xanax, Hydrocodone and Oxycontin, McGee said. TCU just recently joined the Big 12 conference, a huge change for the nationally-recognized team. Four of the arrested students are football team members.

I kind of feel bad for the big 12, banner athletic/academic school’s like Mizzou and A&M jet to play with the big boys and the Big 12 saves their asses by adding drug dealers from Texas and couch burning wild-men from Morgantown.


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