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5 Year Old Girl Refuses to Color Kansas Jayhawk Logo Cause She Hates The Jayhawks

Emma Burton's Powercat apology note — Lost Letterman via Bug Bytes

(Yahoo) –   “A Kansas kindergartner has emerged as an unlikely viral sensation thanks to her devout adherence to her parents’ alma mater, Kansas State.  As reported in detail at Lost Lettermen and the Kansas City Star, 5-year-old Emma Burton of Olathe, Kan., refused to participate in a class coloring assingment when she and her classmates were told to color in a Jayhawk, the mascot of the University of Kansas. The coloring exercise was part of the kindergarten class’ celebration of the state of Kansas.However, Emma wouldn’t comply with her teacher’s instructions. Instead, according to her mother — Bug Bytes blogger Julie Burton — the four foot tot refused to color the Jayhawk on the grounds that she doesn’t like the University of Kansas. She took the Jayhawk sheet she had been handed, walked up to her teacher and asked for a Powercat (the mascot of Kansas State) to color. When Burton was told there weren’t any Powercats to color, she threw the Jayhawk in the trash.”

Wow.  This girl made it clear not to mess with her Kansas State Wildcats.  Way to not mess around!  I would have done the same thing if my teacher told me to color a Green Bay Packers logo.  Congrats Emma, everyone at the University of Missouri officially loves you.

Emma Burton's reluctant Jayhawk coloring in the family trash can — Lost Lettermen via Bug Bytes


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