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Jose Canseco Is Coming Back!! Hopefully He’s Got The Juice Ready!

(Chicago Tribune) – “Jose Canseco, who has not played professional baseball in 11 years, will try out with the Quintana Roo Tigers of the Mexican League, the team announced Sunday.  “Back in baseball I knew I would play this year you just gotta believe in your dreams,” Canseco wrote Sunday on Twitter. “Leave on redeye tonite to start spring training with AAA quintana roo tigers tomorrow . Team won league championship last year.”  However, Tigers president Cuauhtemoc Rodriguez said Canseco has not signed a contract.”

He’s 47 years old.  Hopefully he stashed his juice cause he’ll probably need it.  And guess what team he played for the last time he played baseball?


Yup.  The Chicago White Sox.  Who could forget his magical 76 game career with the South Side…


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