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Grammy/Adele Show Do’s, Don’ts and Douches


(You big strong beautiful Brit! You did it! You went for the clean sweep! You set the world on fire and you are now the Anti-Pop Star, enjoy cashing in baby!)

(5 bonus points for Adele’s boyfriend! Guy just looks like a good time… and a beaver. BYCRACKY!)

(Doing her every time! Even if she has hair like a mop.)

(Once again doing her every time, the golden camel toe just seals the deal. And yes she does rock the silverhawk look.)

(You rocked it Glenn! Sorry you had to sit through all those kids who selflessly exploit your genre today! P.S. If Johnny Cash were alive today he would have kicked every guy in the back up band right in the pussy!)

(Bussed tables all night in that outfit and redeemed the Grammys after Nicky Minaj’s shit show. Thank you sir Paul!)


(Sorry T. Swift I usually like you but the whole Olive Oil/Dust Bowl look wasn’t doing it for me tonight.)


(Not the old guy)

(Hang out with Chris Brown and make your face less punchable! You look like The Rock’s turd.)

(I wonder if its not too late to make a deal with the Grim Reaper. You can have this asshole and anyone else from young money in exchange for Whitney Houston!

(Ppl dont forget even if your set looked like Qbert! I don’t like you.)

Overall Rating of 2012 Grammys: 6.9 out of 10 (still hope for music)…. Give us your grammy feedback.


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