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Louis Vuitton changing the condom game.

(Mid-Day.Com) “Louis Vuitton condoms are the latest temptation dangling in the face of brand slaves. But while we are familiar with luxury label bedding and lingerie brands, is there room in the bed for another designer. That’s an affirmative, according to the artist Irakli Kiziria, who designed the Louis Vuitton condom. The high-end condom comes in a packet with the label’s iconic design: brown with gold lettering. It comes with a pricey tag — much like the Louis Vuitton handbag — US$68 (Rs 3,370) and that too just for one.

So from the company that made bags for chicks dogs are now making bags for dude dongs. I like it! scratch that I love it! People are always telling me “Hey dude you have champagne taste!” (on a beer budget)  so naturally these kind of things are an automatic sell for me, granted I have yet to find a girl that is worth a 68 dollar rubber, but when I do watch out because this thing is coming at you with a $68 dollars worth of wrapping paper.


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