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Ask Sean Anything 2/10/12

Its that time of the week again!!  Let’s get right to it….

A Girl More Ridiculous Than Her Lover Devin Hester Asks…..

Frolf: Yay or Nay?

Yay. Big time.  If you ask anyone who attended my grade school (St.Thomas The Apostle woo shout out!) they saw me everyday at recess play frisbee with the one and only Alex Mosnick.  I love frisbee because my fat ass doesn’t have to move and its all in the flick of the wrist.  And when you put it together with golf, its one hell of a sport.

MichiganFootballFreak Asks…..

Who is your favorite 670 the score host?

Man.  This is a tough one.  All of them are good.  However, no one is better than Dan Bernstein.  Bernstein is unique.  He has some of the best sports knowledge around.  He always backs up his arguments and opinions with great factual evidence.  When he conducts an interview, he is always able to get the most out of the person he is interviewing with challenging questions.  And of course, he is the funniest man on sports talk radio.  Pure genius when it comes to making his audience laugh.

Who was your favorite teacher at St. Thomas?

My favorite teacher at St. Thomas was Mrs. Carpenter.  Nicest lady on the planet.  I don’t think she ever yelled once.  And if we did bad on a test, she just through it out.  Always had great stories to share too.

Who is your favorite sportscaster? Least?

Well I have 2 that stick out to me.  Gus Johnson and Stacey King.  Both of these guys are funny as hell with all their cheering, screaming, and famous calls.  Both also have a great knowledge of sports too.  They make me want to turn up the volume.

  I cannot stand Pierre McGuire.

1.  Annoying comments after every single play

2.  Talking about one player the whole freaking game

3.  His voice is so fast, obnoxiously loud, and slurred that I can’t understand what the hell he is even saying

4.  He sits there and tells the obvious..  ”That’s icing… that’s a penalty..”  NO SHIT PIERRE!

5.  His small egg shaped head

6.  He’s freaking creepy as hell during interviews

That Kid With The Egg Shaped Head Who Likes Pancakes Asks…

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Well its this Tuesday right?  That means breakfast, brush my teeth, math class, lunch,  health class, computer apps class,  work, and then I’ll probably enjoy a candlelight dinner of Georgio’s Deep Dish pizza with Hayden Panettiere via the computer.

NewYorkMets Fan Asks….

I want to go farther physically with my girlfriend outside of 1st base.  What should I do?

Well I’m not sure how they define the bases up in New York, but by my definition is 1st base is making out.  So how would I, a man who has absolutely no experience of getting physical  with a girl, except being kissed by a freak on a bus and a kiss on the cheek during middle school in a truth or dare game approach this?  I would be patient.  Let your girlfriend know that although you want to go farther, you need to leave this decision ultimately up to her. Let her know you just aren’t in it for the sex.  Now I don’t know how long you have been dating her but it sounds like it started not too long ago.  Perhaps a year? Idk… anyways.  Now after you wait long enough, girls gotta understand that guys got hormones.  They do too.  Now when your making out, slowly go in for the kill.  Bring your hips together… Wait for the reaction… Slowly move your hands to “the promise land” and again wait for her reaction.  If she keeps smiling and gets physical with you in return, go for it buddy.

The Moron who drove a 1992 Dodge Caravan Asks…..

Describe yourself in 3 words

I’m not gay.

Whats your favorite time of the Year? Worst?

Christmas.  No school, no work, and everyone is home for the holidays.  Everyone is happy and you get to enjoy time with your family and friends.  Can it get any better?  (Oh yeah, it can.  Christmas music and holiday cookies!)

When the NFL season ends.   I am expected to be productive on Sundays again.

It is currently 12pm on the previous day. You have 24 hours to live, describe what you would do.

Have a Big Mac,  watch my favorite season of Drake and Josh, take a nap, and within the last 3 seconds of my life ask Marisa Miller on a date and die knowing she didn’t turn me down.

 A  generous stranger gives you a check on the street valued at 50,000 dollars.  What do you do with the money?

Donate half to charity, buy a pizza, and put the rest into Chicago Bears season tickets.

If the world were to end today, what sports team would u want to spend ur last minutes with?

Chicago Bulls.

What individual athletes and what would you do?

Patrick Kane and Rob Gronkowski.  Party all day.


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