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Since the Blackhawks have me on medication here are the hottest Puck Bunnies.

I refuse to write about my favorite team on earth until they stop making me want to vomit everywhere, its just an odd thing when the hawks are at their worst, I revert to a child like state, I only talk to my dad about it, why? Well when the hawks were always really bad years ago, my dad was the only one I knew who cared. But enough ramblings here are the top Puck Bunnies of all time.

Mike Fisher’s Puck Bunny:
Carrie Underwood
Sheldon Souray’s  Puck Bunny: (good god)

Angelica Bridges
Scottie Upshall’s Puck Bunny:

BTN’s own Melanie Collins

Stupid Henrick Zetterberg’s Puck Bunny

Emma Anderson
 Mike Comrie’s Puck Bunny

Lizzy Mcguire

Cale Hulse’s

Gina Lee Nolan

And the pay off  Jonathan Toews’s Puck Bunny!!

Gabrielle Velasques mmmm mmmm



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