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Online Pawn Shop Sends 900lbs Of Butterfingers To Wes Welker.

(Yard Barker) – “Ahh man this is harsh. Not only does Wes have to deal with New England Patriot fans calling Wes Welker the next Billy Buckner, but now hast to deal with an online Pawn shop breaking his little midget balls by sending him 900lbs of BUTTERFINGERSl LOL.. According to their twitter account, Pawngo dropped 900lbs (or Vince Wilfork’s tits) worth of Butterfingers candy in the middle of Boston, to honor the creepy pedophile mustache wearing receiver and his big drop on Sunday.

For Sean this would be an act of great kindness for Wes Welker I honestly think that this will be the straw that breaks the camels back! Like Wes is locked up his house right now with all the lights off, Billy Cundiff style. I hope that when Wes gets that 900lbs of crispity crunchity Butterfingers it wont make him pull that trigger, hang in there Wes maybe spend some time with Gronk and Matt Light, they seem to be doing okay.


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