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Bears Hire Jeremy Bates To Be QB Coach, Hopefully Jay Gets Along With Him

(ESPN Chicago) –   “The Chicago Bears have hired former Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates to be the team’s quarterbacks coach, the club announced on Tuesday.  The team was searching for a new quarterbacks coach/passing game coordinator after the organization severed ties with veteran offensive coordinator Mike Martz and assistant coach Shane Day immediately following the conclusion of the regular season. But the Bears have decided not to hire a passing game coordinator, according to a source familiar with the situation.  Bates previously worked with Bears quarterback Jay Cutler in Denver. While Bates served as the Broncos’ quarterbacks coach (2007-208), Cutler made his lone trip to Pro Bowl after throwing for a franchise record 4,526 yards in 2008.”I’m very excited to be working with Jeremy Bates again,” Cutler said via the Bears’ website. “We got the right guy for the job.”

I like this move a lot by the Bears.  Now I know Denver probably had a better line and receivers when Jay was under center there, but still he had his best year under Bates.  Hopefully Bates does exactly what he did in Denver: move the pocket.  Jay is best on the run.  It would also be nice if Jay could audible.  Let’s see whats in store.  Can’t be worse than Shane Day.


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