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If Cam Newton and Katy Perry are dating I’m going to kill myself.

Terez Owens – “Pepsi Rookie of the Year Cam Newton attends the NFL Honors awards where he met singer Katy Perry. I’m being told they swapped numbers, and actually had a rendezvous over the weekend in Indy.  As soon as Katy Perry realized Tebow wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, she jumped ship right to Cam, who does happen to be the much better quarterback.”

I don’t like this one bit, yeah its kind of a jealousy thing and no its not a race thing, but yes it is an I’m not a Cam Newton fan thing, I mean look at that bow tie! Not that Katy is dressed any better (she looks like a Wild Berry Pop Tart) But still Cam Newton??? Just leaves me feeling kind of “ehh”. At least with Tebow it would have been a media circus. I’m disappointed in you #4.


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