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Kobayashi Is Just An Eating Machine

Takeru Kobayashi was crowned Wing Bowl champ, setting a record with 337 wings. (Thomas Carroll/For

(Boston Globe) – “Competitive-eating champ Takeru Kobayashi (tah-kah-roo koh-bee-yah-shee) conquered Philadelphia’s annual gustatory gorge-fest by eating 337 chicken wings in a half-hour before a crowd of nearly 20,000 at Wing Bowl XX.  The Japanese phenom demolished the record of 255 set last year by Jonathan “Super” Squibb.  The Friday morning extravaganza drew thousands to the Wells Fargo Center before sunrise to watch competitors stuff themselves with chicken wings.  Kobayashi claimed a $20,000 cash prize for his victory.”

This guy is just a beast.  He’s also my hero.  337 wings in a half hour?  Freaking crazy.  Some people haven’t even 337 wings in their lifetime.  The man is a legend.


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