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Ask Sean Anything Fridays: Round 2

Hello ladies and gents.  Welcome to week 2 of Ask Sean Anything Fridays.  We had some great questions submitted this week and here are your answers:

The Irish Guy Who Loves Marian Hossa asks..

What is your best running accomplishment?

It is hard to choose one accomplishment so I will choose my 3 best accomplishments in my opinion.  One accomplishment was running the Solider Field 10 mile race along the lakefront in Chicago.  This race was quite the challenge, as it was hot and it seemed like it never ended.  But finally my fat ass crossed the finished line, which was the 50 yard line at Solider Field, after 80 minutes.

Another accomplishment was running my personal record at Veteran Acres Park in Crystal Lake, IL in 2009.  I was 80 percent that day as I had a bad left leg but was still able to break 22 minutes, which was outstanding compared to my time of around 27 minutes the year before.  Unfortunately, I was unable to run the rest of the year cause that pain actually got worse and resulted in a tear of my thigh muscle and shut me down for the season and weeks of physical therapy followed.

And finally perhaps my best running accomplishment occurred in Algonquin, IL.  Having already ran a good 3 miles that day, my friends Andrew, Devin, and I ordered the Domino’s 555 deal.  The 555 deal gave you 3 medium pizzas for 5 dollars each.  I finished off my pizza quickly and finished what Devin and Andrew had left of theirs.  Then I went out and ran a mile…. hard.   And I kept it all down. I felt like I was gonna puke it was such a hot day.  I am still proud of that to this day.

ILLINI Freak Asks…

What would be the first thing you do if the Cubs ever win the World Series again?

I would  be on the ground crying like a little baby.  The whole week after that it would just be a shit fest, consisting of pizza, beer, music, and going to the parade.  I would not do what this guy did though….

The Guy who has A chick WAY out of his league asks…

Why can’t the Blackhawks beat the Edmonton Oilers?

I’m not sure on this one.  The Oilers just have the Blackhawks number.  The Hawks defense and goalies have played bad against them.  The Oilers are also not a good matchup for the Hawks as they have good speed.  Who knows though.

The Sweet Romantic asks….

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Probably when I shit my pants at my friend Kevin’s house in 4th grade.   And that this video was made public…

What can I get my significant other for Valentine’s Day?

Listen dude.  Be original.  No girl is going to be impressed with that box of chocolates or that bouquet of flowers you got at the Jewel the night before.  You wanna really impress her? Make her think damn my man is the best in the world? Then  Go big, and I mean Big.  Get her a Vermont Teddy Bear….

Or get her the hoddie-footie Bunny Bear and PJ set…

She will LOVE YOU!!!!!  Trust ME!   Visit Vermont Teddy

The World’s #1 Harry Potter Fan Asks…

What is the biggest question facing the Blackhawks before the playoffs?

Simple.  Goaltending and defense.  Both Crawford and Emery have been inconsistent this year and the defense is allowing to many chances for the opposing offense.  They need to be more physical and more disciplined.  They do have a great offense, but it all starts with defense.

What would your dream sports job be, besides actually being an athlete?

I would love to host my own sports talk show and be a reporter on occasion.

What are your thoughts on fantasy sports?

I myself only play fantasy football.   I love fantasy football.  Its great because when I win it makes me feel like I know football better than all of my friends when I really don’t and it was all just luck.

Cheerleader Chick asks….

Is competitive cheerleading a sport?

Absolutely not.  I’m sorry.  Cheerleaders are annoying as hell, I don’t care if they are pretty.  Now if you ask me about dance teams… then we are talking.

Is your 13 Things Women Should Know About Men list honestly true?

Yes, absolutely.  I tell it like it is and I’m sure all men would agree with me on that list.   For example, today I went to get my haircut at SportsClips.   The chick who did my hair had her ref shirt unzipped, exposing her bra and cleavage.  She turns my head right into her chest.  What am I suppose to do? Close my eyes?   She dresses like that then we have the right to look.

How can I make Valentine’s Day special when I am in a long distance relationship?

That’s a toughie.  It always hurts not being able to be with that special someone on one of the most romantic days of the year.  My suggestion to you is that could you could send your boyfriend a letter or gift in the mail.  You could also make a movie and tell him 14 that you love about him and send that in the mail.  A Skype dinner date is also not a bad idea.

The Blonde Who Can’t Say the word “Giraffe” for her life asks….

If you could go back into your childhood, what sport would you try to become professional in?

Basketball.  Its always been my favorite sport to watch and play.

Would you rather drop the Stanley Cup off a DD bus in the parade, or be hit in the head from a slap shot by Hossa?

I’ll take a slap shot to the head by Marian Hossa.  He’s one of my favorite players and it would be an honor.  If I dropped the Stanley Cup, the Hockey Gods and the nation of Canada would probably kill me.

What lady celebrity would you want to marry?

Brooklyn Decker.  She’s beautiful, has a lot of money, and can act.   Andy Roddick beat me to her though 😦


One response

  1. When I have my own sports talk show, I’ll make sure you have a weekly guest spot.

    February 3, 2012 at 11:10 pm

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