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February 2nd- The Only Day Where Woodstock IL Residents Don’t Bitch About Their Town Because It’s Groundhog Day

Well its Groundhog Day… again.  And in Woodstock, IL it is a tradition unlike any other . (Credit to Jim Nantz and the Masters)  After bitching about Woodstock 364 days a year, local residents all of a sudden wake up on February 2nd and think their town is America’s best city.  Morons from all over the country come into this tiny northwest Chicago suburb that was the film site of “Groundhog Day” starring Bill Murray and Andie McDowell to celebrate perhaps one of the stupidest holidays around.  What’s so great about it?  Why do I wanna wake up at 6 am, go freeze my ass off on the Square, and listen to choirs and city officials praise this little brown fat thing that sleeps on his ass all winter long? And it gets better.  They celebrate this thing for the whole week… Seriously?  The groundhog has no freaking clue how much longer  winter will last.  Tom Skilling has all the answers! While I”ll be the first to tell you I enjoy the movie and think its a classic, this celebration is so damn overblown and meaningless.  Woodstock,  today your America’s favorite city, but for the next 364 days you will be some tiny ass  unknown suburb in Illinois nicknamed “Hoodstock.”  Congratulations.


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