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Kristin Bell’s Sloth Meltdown Is Pretty Freaking Adorable


(MyFox Boston) – “Actress Kristen Bell stopped by the “Ellen Degeneres Show” this week to discuss her new show “House of Lies,” but also showed viewers, and Ellen, a video clip of her having a meltdown over a baby sloth.  A baby sloth? Who could possibly have an emotional breakdown over the world’s slowest mammal?Apparently Bell can, and did, and is obsessed with the animal. So when her fiancé, Dax Shepard, decided to surprise her for her 31st birthday this past summer, it was just too much for the actress to handle. “I immediately was overcome and I thought, ‘There’s a sloth near … it’s close, it’s gonna happen.’ And I didn’t know how to process that, because my entire life had been waiting for this moment,” Bell explained.”

I had a crush on Kristin Bell before.  Now I think I am in love.  If this doesn’t put a smile on your face then something is wrong with you. Super cute.


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