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The “AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women in the World” List will always and forever piss me off!

Allow me to rant for a few paragraphs…. Ever year I vow to never look at this list again and yet January 31st rolls around once again and low and behold another year with another awful awful awful awful list that make guys like me cringe. Why am I cringing? Well because every year this list does two things consistently: 1.) Throw certain women on a list that should be nowhere near a list like this. 2.) Take all the hot women on the list and scatter them in odd places 1 through 99.

In what world?!?! In what world does a man like Lady Gaga make a list of most desirable women? and like Kmarko from Barstool said “Unless the survey was conducted with 1 million black dudes only Nicki Minaj at #5 is unreal.” Hmmm what else, what else… OH! Who in hell is Rooney Mara?!?! Rooney Mara #3?

She looks like a school boy! That’s not even a hot or cute fantasy name “Ohhh Rooney!!!” “Give it to me Rooney!” see it doesn’t work, its like you had an odd dream about Soccer or Ferris Bueller’s day off! Kate is fine at the #2 slot, and I get Sofia at #1 to an extent but her accent is as thick as this list makers head and she is like 50. Just way to many damn flaws here to blog about. I’ll just cut to the chase and give you my fine top nine and my bottom nine that look like swine.

Fine 9:

Swine 9:

No particular order, Adelle has a nice voice and winning personality, Kate Moss lamppost disguised and a meth addict, If that thing called Kreyshawn is on this list you might as well put Ke$ha and this list and no one reads a list with Ke$ha on it #sameperson…. Girl from American Pie 2000 called _________ (insert outdated chick here)…. Kristin Wiig cute but kinda horsey… Penis…… Rooney is Rooney…. Annoying… 97% nose, 3% awful singing. So thanks AskMen, I don’t know who you asked but it wasn’t this guy.


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