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Magglio Ordonez may be back in Chicago… Except as an old ass Cub

(Terez Owens) – “Former South Side slugger Magglio Ordonez is making a move to the North Side? I’m hearing the Detroit Tigers free agent outfielder is possibly making his return to Chicago, but this time it will be with the Chicago Cubs. With the signing of free agent Prince Fielder, Maggs may be the odd man out in Detroit — Magglio had surgery in November on his ankle, and is currently fully back training for baseball activities. Maggs is still a solid player and a great team guy, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him land on his feet shortly. We know the Cubs could use the help too. -TO”

Damn Theo is making all the right moves, when I think rebuilding the first player I think of is Maggs, I mean he is fresh of the operating table and can really hang with the all best 38 year old players. He will make me kinda warm up to the Cubbies this year, my rule is if I have a players bobble head, chances are he is my guy.


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