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Jim Hendry Is The New York Yankees’ Problem Now

(ESPN Chicago)  – “Former Chicago Cubs general manager Jim Hendry has been hired by the New York Yankees as a special assignment scout under GM Brian Cashman.  Hendry, who was the Cubs GM from 2002-11, was let go by chairman Tom Ricketts after two straight fifth-place finishes.  Cashman said he believes Hendry will be an invaluable resource.  “He can scout amateur players; he scouts pro players for us,” he said. “He’s as connected in the game as you can possibly be. Everybody loves this man.”

“Everyone loves this man.”  Pshh.. please.  Every Cubs fan in the country would punch this guy in the face if they ran into him on the street.  Good luck New York.


One response

  1. Kevin Gregus

    He actually is well liked/respected in baseball circles. Probably because other teams could totally bend him over a chair when it came to making baseball decisions.

    January 31, 2012 at 9:32 pm

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