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“Chicago Man Allegedly Expected Hug Outside Bar, Got Stabbed Instead”

(Huffington Post Chicago) “A 24-year-old Chicago man remains hospitalized Monday after he was stabbed outside a bar in the city’s Wrigleyville neighborhood over the weekend. The stabbing happened early Sunday outside Deuces and The Diamond Club, 3505 N. Clark St., about one block away from Wrigley Field.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the victim had gotten into a verbal altercation with his alleged attacker about 45 minutes prior to the stabbing. It is not clear what sparked the argument. When the two met again, when the victim was outside the bar using his cell phone around 1:10 a.m., the alleged attacker approached him and appeared to be offering a hug. Instead, he stabbed the other man in the back and upper left arm.”

It’s very rare that I will copy and paste an actual headline from a news story, I enjoy being creative and spicing up stories with my own headers, but this was different, it was just toooo damn priceless to pass up. Seriously how many times has this happened to you on a Friday night in Wrigleyville? Classic story of man starts fight, man takes fight outside, man wants to hug it out and instead his opponent says SHANKS but no SHANKS your ass just got stabbed!!! This guy must just been a gigantic moron who just pissed everyone off in Wrigleyville and then wanted to redeem himself (Has Big Z left town yet?).


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