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And his first words are…. Joey!

Hello there, happy Monday! Was your weekend good? Great! Mine was fantastic I was warped up in a world filled with bar hopping, the NHL All Star Game and the Royal Rumble, the highlight was the all star game (With the exception of Drake). All weekend I was glued, from Kaner just freaking stealing the show, all the way to hearing a gollies inner most pointless thought while in net, but one thing that stood out to me was Chicago’s own “Joey the Junior Reporter” being thrust onto the national spotlight.

I don’t know much about Joey, his dad probably works in the front office or something but I enjoy him, the kid freaking oozes charisma, just getting all up in a Philly fans face basically putting his city on blast and telling him he can kiss Chicago’s nuts, yucking it up with my hero PKane, trying to not fall asleep while talking to the twins and just shooting the shit with Campbel (Btw I’m sure Camps owns half of Disney with how much the hawks paid his ass.)

P.S. Joey definitively scored more than both team Alfie and Team Chara this weekend , kid is a god damn player if Ive ever seen one.



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