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As A Result of that Bulls-Heat Game, I Want To Stuff My Head In The Microwave And Put It On High Until My Head Explodes

Wow.  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT.  I mean, seriously.  I have no idea.  Can you the Bulls fan tell me?  Why is Carlos Boozer on this team! Why! Why! Why! Why!  The guy has  butter finger hands, he shoots that stupid ass little fadeaway that never goes in,  he can’t take the ball to the basket, and Stevie Wonder can play better defense than him.  I am sick and tired of Carlos Loser. Release him, trade him, kill him I don’t care.

Derrick… come on man.  It was Memphis all over again out there today. YOU GOTTA MAKE THOSE FREE THROWS. Period.  And you missed them.  I’m glad that you got us back into the game and had a great day but hitting both of those free throws might have won you the game.  MVP has to do that.

Injury bug… Why on earth do you keep on biting the Bulls? Go bite someone else for once.  Who knows what the outcome of the game might have been with Luol Deng and C.J. Watson out there. There’s no way LeBron scores that much with Deng on him.  No way.

And damn you officials.  You and your bullshit calls.  You’re not the reason we lost but you sure as hell didn’t help us.

3…… 2…… 1…….




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