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People That Piss Me Off At The Gym

  • The “I’m gonna take this treadmill right next to you even though there are millions of others open” guy
  • The “I’m gonna walk around the locker room without a towel and display my junk to everyone” guy.
  • The “I’m gonna grunt as loud as I can so people think I’m badass”guy
  • The “Even though I’m dripping sweat, I’m gonna just leave the machine and not wipe it down” guy
  • The “Im gonna dress like a slut but I don’t want people to look at me” chick
  • The “Im gonna say I’m all natural even though I take every damn steroid possible without killing myself” guy
  • The “Im gonna make this locker room my personal bathroom” guy.

I hate all of these people.  Get a life and stay away from me and let me do my workout. Thanks.


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