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Ask Sean Anything Fridays Debut

Welcome fans and followers to the first edition of Ask Sean Anything Fridays.  I will answer these as best I can and will be completely honest.  Hope you enjoy.

TV Fanatic Asks…

If you had to choose your favorite TV show of all time what would it be?

Boy Meets World.  I grew up with that show and still find myself this day looking up videos and episodes on youtube occasionally.  My full name is Sean Hunter too, so as you can imagine I was in love with his character.  The show was hilarious and taught you life lessons at the same time.

LadyBearsFan Asks..

What is your opinion on Roy Williams first season with the Chicago Bears? Was it a good decision, does he have potential, should he stay or just go get another manicure since he doesn’t have to worry about chipping a nail when catching the ball anytime soon.

Roy Williams was a complete disaster with the Chicago Bears.  I’m glad the Bears only signed him for one season.  He and Cutler were never on the same page.  The man dropped the football more than I dropped the rubber ducky in the bathtub as child.  I will personally pick him up, drive his ass out to the airport , and pay for 5 manicures wherever he chooses to play next season.

Man Questioning My Sexuality Asks…..

Why Sean did you put tom brady on this page for the ladies?  A few years back you said if you were either gay or a woman you would  go for tom brady… true fact

Although I am completely straight, I confirm the above claim.  I did in fact say I would go after Tom Brady if I was gay.  Weird? Maybe a little… But, ask yourself this gentleman.. If you woke up every morning, and you looked in the mirror and looked like Tom Brady, I’m pretty damn sure you would be happy with your appearance.  He’s  just a nice looking man.

Hawks HockeyChick Asks…

Would you rather have grown up with Coach Q as your Dad or Carcillo as your older brother?

Coach Q as my Dad without a doubt.  I would be able to hang around the team as a kid and be the cool kid.  Plus, I could probably grow a sweet mustache when I got older.  Carcillo would just be an annoying ass older brother who would beat me up.  Don’t want any part of that.

Your favorite song to warm up too?

Get Ready For this.  2 Unlimited

Dr. Phil Impersonator Asks

What are the qualifications for a girl in order for you to consider taking her out on a date?

 Like most guys, I look for a lot of similarities.  These include (in no particular order) being a sports fan, having a good taste in music tv, and movies, being attractive, soft spoken but wild, caring, compassionate, and a good listener.

P.S. I have not been on a date in 13 months, so ladies don’t be afraid to call. 🙂

If you could say something right now to your dream girl to get her attention, what would you say?

You Complete Me.

Where do you see yourself in 1 year from now? 5 years? 20 years from now?

 1 – At my parents house.   5- My own house, but  in Crystal Lake teaching at some school in either special ed or PE.  I will be coaching and helping out with special needs children as well. I am still single.  20- Enjoying life with my wife and kids.

TheRealKG Asks..

If you had to rebuild the Bears, what 5 players currently in the NFL would you chose to build around?

1. Rob Gronkowski

2. Calvin Johnson

3. Joe Thomas

4.  Jake Long

5. Larry Fitzgerald

*Based on this years team, I would pick these 5 offensive players because that is where the Bears needed help.  All our young and dynamic players.  Adding these guys to Jay Cutler and Matt Forte would be just flat out unfair.

Who wins more games this year, the Heat or the White Sox?

The White Sox.

If you could only follow one sports team for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would probably be the Chicago Bulls.   The day I came home from the hospital in 1991 the Chicago Bulls won their first NBA championship.  I was watching on my Dad’s lap. Instant connection.  I have been to more Bulls games then any other team in town and basketball has always been my favorite sport to play and watch.  Love this team with my heart and soul.

Finally, Emma Watson or Hayden Panettiere?

Emma Watson.  I wanna see her work her magic on me.



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