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Derrick Rose’s Most Wanted: The Indiana Pacers

(ESPN Chicago) – “Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose does not usually raise eyebrows with his words. In fact, some have wondered if such a humble, soft-spoken star could ever be an effective leader, but the reigning MVP had a quote worth noting after Wednesday’s loss to the Indiana Pacers.  “I’ll never forget how they celebrated just from winning this game,” Rose told reporters. “I can’t wait to play them again.”

Man this Bulls-Pacers thing is getting serious.  Real serious.  EVERY SINGLE GAME against Indiana is a dog fight. Hard fouls, high energy, and harsh words have been the highlight of these recent games, dating back to last year’s 1st round playoff battle.  As a Bulls fan, I wouldn’t get too concerned with last night’s loss as Luol and Taj were out and the Bulls were just due for a loss. They had a few lapses on the defensive end as well.  I’ll take the Bulls any day in a 7 game serious.  And man  if you get Derrick Rose pissed off, I’d be scared.  Remember last time he made a statement?


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