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Ask Sean Anything Fridays..

Hello Everyone! I am pleased to announce a new tradition here on Front Row Sports Chicago.  Every Friday, I”ll take your questions.  On ANYTHING….  Want to know what I think of a certain team, player, or game? I’ll answer. Want to know what restaurants I suggest you take your new girlfriend out too guys? I’ll answer.   Ladies, want to know why men think like they do? I’ll answer.  Any advice you need I’m here for ya as well. I’ll post a new entry Friday so if I choose your question and you don’t want your name revealed just comment as “anonymous” or you can tell me.  Don’t be shy. See ya Friday!!

Send questions to:

Seany_Boy33 #askseananything

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One response

  1. I’m SO excited for this! Probably better than… dare I say… Mother Goose!!!

    January 25, 2012 at 5:32 pm

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