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Should the Bears Sign RB Matt Forte to a Long Term Deal?

Every GM, coach, player, and fan knows that Bears running back Matt Forte is a special talent.  While he may not have break away speed like his teammate Devin Hester, Forte has great field vision and constantly makes tacklers miss.  He also is very versatile, ranking among the league’s best every year in total yards from scrimmage, due in large part to his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield well.  Now Forte’s rookie contract is up after he refused to sign an extension that offered him 14-15 million in guarantees.  The Bears and their soon to be new GM are left with a tough decision for next year – sign him to a long term deal or place the franchise tag on him.  A look at the Pros and Cons of signing Matt Forte to a long term deal.


1. Best Bears RB statistically since some guy named Walter Payton

2. Bears are under the salary cap

3. Great reciever

4. Huge percentage of team’s offense


1.  RB’s typically age quickly

2.  One play could end Forte’s career.

3. Team has other needs

Final Thought

This is a tough decision. The Bears offered Matt Forte a pretty sweet deal last season and he did not take it.  That’s his fault, not the Bears.  If I’m the new GM, I try to lock up Forte for the long term.  He is a cornerstone of your team. Get it done.

He also has a very good Arnold impression.


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